Air Travelers To Get New Wi-Fi Network In Near Future

Good news for airline passengers. A new European company has come up with advanced Wi-Fi which can be used by airlines. The company representatives informed that they are expecting for the launch by June end.

Air Travelers To Get New Wi-Fi Network In Near Future

This awesome innovation is being carried on by Deutsche Telekom, which is a German brand. They have tied up with Inmarsat, a communications organization to develop this new Wi-Fi mode. This wireless internet solution for airlines has been named as EAN (European Aviation Network).

Besides air, this work is expected to provide Internet coverage also on marines and on roadways. The work is expanded over 300 base stations and will have a satellite at each and every European nation.

As per the present scenario, for Wi-Fi the European flights completely rely on satellites. As per the developing companies EAN is also easy to install and light weight. These features made the device suitable for small carriers which are looking for an economical Wi-Fi solution.

The first users of EAN most probably would be IAG who are responsible for the British Airways; the others in the group of first users include Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling. It is yet to be decided when EAN will be first installed on these carriers.

Senior Vice President of Inmarsat, Frederik van Essen sounded excited about the project and claimed that they will be able to provide the first feel of this advanced Wi-Fi solution in near future.

The delay in the launch of Arianspace satellite into the space led to delay of EAN by almost six months.

Wi-Fi on flights is becoming popular as carriers want to provide additional offers and generate more revenue through this. But till date Wi-Fi on Air has been very expensive and just large airlines were seen using this. With EAN now costs of Wi-Fi on air will come down, believes the VP of Inmarsat.

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