Algorithm Update: Facebook Demotes “Engagement Bait” Posts

Facebook, the most used social media platform, announced on Monday an update for an algorithm where it will devalue the strategic move “engagement bait” posts that request users to share, like and comment on their posts. The users will notice the effect of such an update from this week onwards.

Algorithm Update: Facebook Demotes “Engagement Bait” Posts

The posts that suggest or request by mentioning your sun sign or anything else and ask the user to hit the “LIKE” button are interactive posts or engagement baits. In order to increase traffic or engagement on their respective page, they get benefited from the “News Feed” section. The operations integrity specialist at Facebook, Henry Silverman commenting on this in his blog post mentioned that they are planning to implement strict regulations for pages, who repeatedly use the engagement bait strategy to boost their reach of their page. The engineer, Lin Huang who works at a social networking firm states that we will degrade the level of such pages for several weeks and lend some time to the publishers for avoiding these engagement tactics for their posts.

Facebook initiates Machine Learning Model to detect various types of unauthentic engagement baits for the “News Feed” and demote them to reduce the inorganic posts from Facebook. This will result in reducing the misleading, spam or irrelevant content from reaching the masses while helping the organic, authentic and meaningful posts to reach the Facebook audiences.

Facebook also informs that posts relating to advice, help, tips, recommendations or any missing child reports will not be affected as these posts are considerably useful and worth to reach the masses. This new update will only decrease the reach of those businesses or pages that use unauthentic posts to boost their reach and experience a significant drop in the target audience on their page.

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