All of the Love of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger on JioPhone!

The very popular Jio Phone has proven to be a smart choice for people tight on budget but has only the messaging giant WhatsApp missing on it. People were trying their best to run it on the smart-feature phone.

All of the Love of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger on JioPhone!

Soon after, videos went viral that showed using WhatsApp on a Jio Phone through the help of a Web-based tool called Browserling.

Peter Krumins, CEO of Browserling, was stunned as thousands of new users started coming in without any warning.

Browserling is a tool for developers, which was never intended for consumers, where web developers can get a browser tested in just five seconds.

Peter thought the sudden flow of traffic to be a cyber attack wanting him to take services offline. He found out the traffic flow was from a common web server—Jio. So, he started sending an error message to these Jio user agents. He then blocked all requests coming in from India.

After which, his Facebook exploded as people started messaging him, wanting access to WhatsApp.

He finally came across the YouTube videos, and understood the reasons for the newfound traffic.

Peter tried to find out ways to monetize this traffic but to no use.

Despite the tremendous amount of users, he hasn’t made any real money.

As of now, he has made updates to make it easier to use not just WhatsApp, but also Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter on Jio Phone.

Krumins will continue focus on Browserling and keep improving it and adding new features and products. Krumins claimed that he used to Google for tools like ‘url encode’ and ‘convert json to text’ and would lead to garbage websites filled with ads, popups, blinking download buttons, which bought no fruitful result. Due to this, he decided to build his own network of online tools without any kind of ads, useless configuration options and other garbage.

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