BSNL Looks For 4G Spectrum In Place Of Equity

Prior to rollout of its 4G services, state-controlled BSNL is looking for 5 MHz spectrum in the 2100 MHz band. This is because it needs to partially fund by providing extra equity to the administration. The acquirement of extra spectrum in the 2100 MHz band is important for BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) for rollout of 4G facilities all over the country via the LTE (Long Term Evolution) route. Now LTE is a measure for mobile communication with high speed.

BSNL Looks For 4G Spectrum In Place Of Equity

The DPR (Detailed Project Report) approved by the Board of Directors of BSNL on December 21, 2017, involves all features of the project, comprising other expenses a capital expenditure, but, more prominently, the spectrum needed for the 4G footprint all over the nation. BSNL presently has needed spectrum in the required band that may be enough to get its 4G project starting for now.

But the telco, which presently provides 3G and 2G mobile services, will require extra 5MHz spectrum in the similar band to extend the 4G facilities all over the nation. When made contact, Anupam Shrivastava, Managing Director and Chairman of BSNL, claimed to the media that the panel has accepted the DPR and the similar will be presented soon to the government. Explaining the offer, he claimed that the company is looking for spectrum for all circles in the 2100 MHz band, except for Rajasthan, where the firm is seeking for spectrum in a different band (800 MHz).

BSNL estimates that the total tab might be almost Rs 9,600 Crore. BSNL hopes to pay 50% of this price via equity route (by providing extra sakes to the government) if permitted, and the rest via income made from business, he claimed. “The only fiscal backup that we are looking from the administration is for spectrum,” Shrivastava claimed pointing to the current project.

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