Buyers Class Action Against Google For Selling Faulty Phones

Google is in a big trouble as the issues circling its smartphone Pixel continue to rise. The users of the Pixel XL and Pixel have lodged a class action lawsuit against the organization for selling faulty handsets. The accusers in the said case mentioned that Google sold the phones with malfunctioned microphones intentionally. They also alleged that the phone units which were under the warranty replacement program of the company also had the same issue.

Buyers Class Action Against Google For Selling Faulty Phones

The technical errors were acknowledged in the public forum in March last year. Post the acknowledgment, Google had suggested the replacement of the smartphones from Pixel, under warranty. As per the report by the FastCompany, it was found that none of the accusers of the lawsuit had the smartphones repaired under the period of the standard warranty. The law firm, Gir and Gibbs LLP is handling the lawsuit, who will be suing Google over the concerns in the range of Pixel 2.

Both the smartphones have their own problems to deal with. Simultaneously, it is also offering an enhanced Android experience along with leading performance of the camera. Still, it has been caught with numerous issues since its launch. The smartphones with model Pixel 2XL and Pixel 2 were reported to have voice messaging concerns, bundled adapters for headphones, low speaker and audio performance, and intermittent fingerprint sensor performance.

According to the reports of the Android Central, another fresh lawsuit was filed against Google. In the complaint, the company was alleged to overcharge the data on the network of Project Fi. To be precise, they charged $200 which is roughly around Rs. 12,860 for a time period of three months.

Apart from this, Google also released the security update for the month of February for Nexus and Pixel smartphones. This update will be opening up the Pixel Visual Core to the third-party applications on the Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2. It also includes some bug fixes and software enhancements.

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