Devices For Children Still Big At Tech Show In Spite Of Concerns

The children’s segment at the massive CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week advertized innovations that allow kids of 21st century to play and learn smarter than before. The timing might have been unlucky following revitalized worries of the risks of too much tech for adolescent kids. But as the argument whirled, exhibitors at the extravaganza in Las Vegas wanted to showcase gadgets targeted at education, health, and entertainment for kids, comprising educational bots.

Devices For Children Still Big At Tech Show In Spite Of Concerns

Pai Technology rolled out its interactive storybooks for kids that employ virtual reality. And as per its site, it motivates a love of reading. In addition to this, it also provides thoughtful stories. Marketing director for the company, Amy Braun, acknowledged worries about children and tech but claimed that these gadgets still have importance. “Technology is here to remain, and it is significant to expose our kids to tech but in advantageous ways,” she claimed.

“We actually aim on making certain that the time that we place it in front of our kids is all about development and learning. And it is not a choice.” Braun claimed that parents must make decision on appropriate restrictions for exposure to screen and other technology employment. Dragon Touch, the Chinese startup, revealed its colorful tablet device targeted at children between 3 and 6 Years old, with parental controls and educational apps.

Lei Guo of Dragon Touch claimed that the devices might be precious but also recommended parents to oversee their use. “I actually do not want my children to invest too much time on the Internet,” he claimed to the media in an interview. “So that is why we also have the mode of parent control, so that they can set a limit, for instance perhaps 30 Minutes each day.” A toothbrush supported of augmented reality meanwhile rolled out by French startup Kolibree permits kids to look at a tablet or smartphone screen to educate and motivate them about oral cleanliness.

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