Facebook Attempts To Curb Fake News With Downvote Button

After providing its users with an option to express their Reactions on the posts, an attempt is made by Facebook to make it free from fake content by testing a Downvote button for comments that seem to be improper. This button will be first tested in the US for 5% of Android users.

Facebook Attempts To Curb Fake News With Downvote Button

As the user will click the button below a comment, options like “offensive”, “misleading” and “off-topic” will be available. This will help Facebook control fake news by curbing the misleading content for which it has faced criticism since a long time.

Earlier there was a demand for such a Dislike button along with the Like button, but Facebook introduced Reactions to give options for a particular comment or post but this doesn’t allow a user to mark anything as inappropriate.

A Facebook spokesperson stated to media that they are testing a Downvote button to allow its user provide feedback regarding any posts or comments. This button will only be available for Public Page posts. Unlike the Like button where one can see how many likes are there on the post, such view count would not be available for Downvote button.

This button will help Facebook in receiving feedback for the posts thereby improving user engagements and the subsequent removal of fake or unsuitable comments.

It is considered that the main purpose behind downvote button is to let Facebook get an insight on the reactions of its users on discussions thereby making this platform user-friendly for interactions.

Facebook is not the only Social Media Platform to avail Downvote Button. Reddit has a similar option for regulation of its contents.

Although such an option is provided by Social Media Platforms, users hardly take any notice of posts and most of the time they just like the post, scroll and repeat.

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