Facebook Encounters Criticism For Taking Down “Birth Becomes Her” Video

Facebook is encountering disapproval from admirers of Monet Nicole Moutrie, the birth photographer, post her “Birth Becomes Her” clip that grabbed more than 100 Million views over a time frame of 7 Months was taken down from the social media website. Without any notice, Facebook has taken down the clip, reported the local media this week.

Facebook Encounters Criticism For Taking Down “Birth Becomes Her” Video

Replying to the response on Facebook, many consumers are sharing the clip one more time. “Monet Nicole Moutrie was barred from Facebook one more time, this instance for this clip. Share wide and far!”, wrote one consumer. Making her displeasure communal, Moutrie claimed in blog post that the clip was taken off for disobeying community regulations. “And I was efficiently barred from the social media platform due to this reason,” she claimed to the media.

According to its community rules, Facebook takes down “photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks.” It also bans “some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but our intent is to allow images that are shared for medical or health purposes.”

Moutrie claimed that there is nothing more adversative to the society than the censorship and restriction of family, birth, and life. “Facebook, we are far more than passwords and usernames. We are breathing and living human beings, with actual bodies that were all given birth by real women,” she claimed. “Facebook, LIFE must never be in opposition to your community rules,” she claimed.

The birth photographer also claimed that sharing and seeing real pictures of birth are significant. “They bring light and life into dark places and corners. They provide people all over the globe the chance to learn about the procedure of reproduction and their bodies,” she claimed. Instead of barring videos of birth, Facebook must aim on eliminating depictions of women from its platform that make young females feel ugly, inferior, or lost.

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