Facebook Fears Having Over 200 Million Fake Accounts Globally

It has been found that around 200 million Facebook accounts either belong to the fake or duplicate profiles. This particular number was identified till December 2017 and India is a country which contributes to the most of the number, as per the social networking site.

In the last quarter of the year 2017, it was found that the number of the fake account holders is 10% of the worldwide original account holders or the Monthly Active Users (MAUs).

It is speculated that the share of the duplicate accounts is reasonably higher in the developing markets such as Indonesia, India, and the Philippines in comparison to the developed markets.

Facebook Fears Having Over 200 Million Fake Accounts Globally

Until December 31, 2017, the social media giant had 2.13 billion MAUs, which is 14% higher than the number of the previous year.

As on December 31, 2016, the MAUs were around 1.86 billion, among which 6% or 114 million belonged to duplicate accounts.

The Worldwide Daily Active Users was accelerated by 1.40 billion or 14% on average in December 2017, which was 1.23 billion in December 2016.

Facebook users in the countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and India showcased key resources of success in DAUs in December 2017.

A duplicate account is the one that is maintained by a user along with the principal account. These pseudo accounts are segregated into two categories. The users tend to create a page on behalf of an organization or business or create a profile to represent a living soul like pets who can’t open an account on its own. The other accounts are opened under a fake name and image to violate the rules mentioned by the Facebook, like spamming.

The estimate of the number of fake accounts is determined as per the internal review which is based on the limited space of the number of accounts.

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