Fake Versions Of Secure Messaging Apps Used For Spying

On Thursday, researchers said in a statement that an intelligence campaign using the malware infected messaging apps has been stealing smartphone data from activists, soldiers, lawyers, journalists and others in more than twenty countries. Another report which is authored by the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation and mobile security firm Lookout also did comprehensive discovery of a productive actor with nation-state proficiencies which also exploit targets worldwide across multiple platforms.

Fake Versions Of Secure Messaging Apps Used For Spying

According to the report, desktop computer was also beleaguered, but then again getting into data rich mobile devices was the main objective. The report also said that the with false versions of secure messaging services such as WhatsApp and Signal, the system has permitted the attackers to take pictures, capture audio, pinpoint locations and search handsets for private data. The researchers of EFF and Lookout nicknamed this threat as dark caracal and according to the EFF director of cybersecurity Eva Galperin, people in the US, Canada, Germany, Lebanon and France have been hit by this dark caracal.

Eva also said that this is a very large global movement and is engrossed on mobile devices and mobile is the future of spying as phones are full of data about a person’s day-to-day life. Report says that hundreds of gigabytes of data have been taken from thousands of victims in more than 21 countries. Moreover, the report further said that there were symbols that dark caracal might be an infrastructure which accommodates several widespread, global cyber spying movements and some of which dates back to years as the apps dupe people into thinking they are genuine, users also give them access to cameras, microphones and data.EFF staff technologist Cooper Quintin cautioned that all dark caracal want was application permissions that users grant themselves when they download the apps. Users don’t realize that they contained malware.

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