Google Chromecast And Home Gadgets Cause Provisional Wi-Fi Outage

Home Max speaker of Google was lately posted to provisionally block the Wi-Fi network with which it is linked to. This forces the consumers to force restart the router. Building on the similar problem, it has now been posted that various Google Home and Chromecast gadgets are encountering the similar problem.

Google Chromecast And Home Gadgets Cause Provisional Wi-Fi Outage

As per a report, various Wi-Fi routers comprising ones from firms such as Linksys, Asus, TP-Link, Netgear, or Synology are impacted by this problem. Also cited is that this Google Home and Chromecast connectivity problem differs from device to device, leaving some of them totally inoperable. First founded with Google Home Max, consumers lifted the problem on forums of Google Product where one of the representatives claimed that the search behemoth is working on the problem. On the other hand, a solution has not been yet found.

In the similar post, one of the worker from TP-Link attempted clarifying what is causing the outage of Wi-Fi modem. It has been cited that the device of Google Home Max transmits to the Wi-Fi modem a group of packages at particular time gaps to keep the link working.

“These packets usually are transported in an interval of 20 Seconds. On the other hand, we have found that the gadgets will sometimes transmit a huge quantity of these packets in a short interval of time at an extremely high pace. This happens when the gadget is waken from the sleep mode, and might go beyond over 100,000 packets in a small interval of time. The longer your gadget is in sleep, the bigger this burst of packet will be. This problem may ultimately pose some of primary features of the router to close down comprising wireless connection,” claimed the engineer.

Even though Google is looking for a fix, which is expected to come as an upgrade, there is no particular time period for it.

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