Google Flights, Hotels And Trips Search Receive New Features

Google appears to be making it simpler for consumers all over the world to get the best offers this season of holidays. The search behemoth has declared some clever features, employing which consumers going on holidays can receive the best offers on hotels, flights, and more.

Google Flights, Hotels And Trips Search Receive New Features

The firm has upgraded its platform of Google Flights to offer tips to consumers to let know when it is the best time to book flights. “Employing statistical analysis and machine learning of historical flights information, Flights shows tips below your search results, and you can go through them to understand when it is most excellent time to book flights,” claimed VP of Travel Products, Richard Holden, to the media in an interview.

When the cost to a location from your place is affordable, Google Flight might now offer tips such as “costs are less in comparison to normal days” representing it to be the most excellent time to book the flights. It will also display tips such as “will not drop further” for ticket costs on the basis of forecast algorithms.

The search behemoth will also employ the similar algorithm when consumers search for hotels. It will be offering them tips when the cost of rooms in the hotel are more affordable in comparison to usual days or will not go any more down. “In the same manner, when you hunt down a hotel on search engine, a fresh tip will come into view above results when rates of the room are more in comparison to usual days, or if the region is busier in comparison to usual days owing to a music festival, holiday, or even a business meeting,” claimed Holden to the media.

Consumers can also get alerts for the drops in the cost. This can be done by going for the option of “Hotel Price Tracking on your phone.”

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