Google Home Max speaker hits retail outlets

Google has taken yet another step through launch of its high-end Home Max speaker by making it available Best Buy and Verizon, two months after the product was announced.

Google Home and Google Home Mini are already around, but Max is for those who don’t mind spending a little extra. Google Home Max uses Google Assistant voice commands to launch music, answer questions, and control smart-home devices. The Home Max features dual subwoofers and custom tweeters and is able to automatically make equalization adjustments to fit the room, using its microphones to measure the acoustics.

Apple HomePod was likely to hit this year, but it has been delayed until early next year. Sonos also has a similar feature in its own speakers, one of which now has Amazon’s Alexa assistant built in. All of which means that the virtual assistant wars have finally spilled into the high-end speaker market.

“It’s our ultimate speaker, made for your music”, reads the listing of Google Home Max on Best Buy.

With Google Home Max, you get deep layers of balanced bass along with crystal-clear highs while unwanted resonance and muddiness are out of the window.

“Just pure sound that fills the room. Room EQ adjusts the sound based on where you place it”.

Media EQ fine tunes the speaker so every song sounds its best. It’s software that keeps getting smarter thanks to automatic updates.

Bryan White

Bryan White

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