HCL Technologies To Double Its Investment In Cyber Security

HCL Technologies, the country’s fourth-largest software services company, is doubling investments in cyber security. It is also planning to upgrade its three India-based centers. The company plans to build a new Cyber Security Fusion Center in Dallas, USA.

HCL Technologies To Double Its Investment In Cyber Security

“Due to Ransomware attack, for the last one year, companies across the globe have started adopting a more serious approach towards cyber-attacks. With the appearance of new technology such as the Internet of Things and strict rules around the world, leading companies are busy raising their cyber security budget said,” corporate vice president of cyber security services at HCL Technologies, Maninder Singh.

Maninder said that the company’s Chennai, Noida, and Bangalore centers were the first security process centers, which are being advanced to Cyber Security Fusion Centers. HCL is consolidating Cary center in North Carolina into a large center in Dallas. There is also a center of Gothenburg in Sweden, which has come after Volvo’s recent acquisition.

He said, “Upgrading is being done in terms of new enhancement in platforms such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics. We are implementing them on our current platform, which strengthens them, and through analytical perspective increases their capacity and helps it to stay geared up to deal with upcoming threats.”

Maninder told that these centers explain the presence of the company in three major continents. These centers supervise for 365 Days and 24X7 and they also have their own emergency response team. He said, “They get intelligence about cyber hazards from business sources. They are both proficient and imprudent, but their important role is to stay defensive.”

He told that HCL could spend a million dollars on the improvement of these centers and on its cyber security practice but did not give any correct figure. As per industry estimates, IT cyber security products and services have a market of $120 Billion, which may increase by 10–12% every year.

Maninder said that due to the large-scale change in technology, cyber security products are not just being promoted, use of managed services have also increased. He said, “There is a digitization of the other applications and companies where the foremost screen is mobile.”

They said that due to the European GDPR Law and China Internet Law, the Regulations and Compliance Norms have become very strict. He said, “The number of connected devices coming from IoT, which till a few years ago was up to a few lakh, has now reached to the range of millions and billions.”

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