Idea Joins The Price Wars With Rs. 93 Plan

Telecom companies in India are at war, ever since Reliance Jio changed the game in 2016 offering services at extremely low prices, causing other companies to lower their prices in order to stay competitive. Airtel followed in the footsteps of Jio and launched a similar plan in order to entice customers. Most recently, Idea has come to the party by launching a prepaid plan that offers unlimited calls and 1GB data at Rs. 93. This plan is targeting the consumers who are more in need of calling time than internet and thus need a low cost plan, which offers unlimited calls. This plan is right in line with similar plans being offered by both Jio and Airtel with its validity being 10 days as compared to Jio’s plan for Rs. 98, which has a 14-day validity and Airtel offering its plan at Rs. 93 with the 10-day validity.

Idea Joins The Price Wars With Rs. 93 Plan

As mentioned in the company’s official website, the plan will offer 1GB of 3G data along with ‘unlimited’ local and STD calls at Rs. 93. There won’t be any free SMS. Also, there is a capping on the number of minutes that the customer can use. It happens to be 250 minutes for a day and 1000 minutes for a week. Exceeding this limit would result in the customer being charged at 1 paisa per second for every call.

There is one other catch to the offer, which is the fact that it is not available to all Idea subscribers but only to a particular part of their customer base, as stated on the website. It is recommended that customers check the website or the app to make sure that they are eligible for the offer.

This plan comes as a response to Airtel’s Rs. 93 plan, which was announced a week before, offering the same benefits along with 100 messages on top. The Jio plan offers even more with 150MB a day and free calls on roaming with 140 SMS.

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