India Smartphone Market Reaches All Time High Due To Samsung And Xiaomi

India Smartphone Market Reaches High Due To Samsung And Xiaomi

As per the newest data accumulated by a market analysis company, Counterpoint, smartphone growth in India went upwards by 37% as compared to the previous quarter and 18% as compared to the previous year. It has also been cited that the area has provisionally surpassed the U.S. for the initial time. As per the data, Xiaomi and Samsung have led the chart and added to almost 50% of the smartphone market of India.

The analysis company claims that the shipment of handset in India crossed 84 Million for the initial time. This comprises both feature phones and smartphones. It claims that a huge chunk originated from Amazon and Flipkart e-commerce websites, particularly at the times of Diwali sales. Offline vendors too added to the shipments. In Q3 2017 Samsung remained on the leading position with 23% share in the smartphone shipment market of India. The firm was at the similar figures in Q3 2016 too. Samsung is chased by Xiaomi, which increased radically to 22% in Q3 2017 from 6% in Q3 2016.

These two handset manufacturers were chased by Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo (comprising Motorola) and Others with 8%, 9%, 7%, and 31% respectively. In terms of shipment market share for feature handsets, Samsung one more time gained 23% share, with by Micromax at 9%, Itel at 13%, Lava at 7%, Nokia (HMD) at 8%, and others at 40%.

As for the domestic companies Micromax and Lava, the firms expanded 41% and 24% as compared to the previous quarter in the smartphone sector. Micromax Bharat 2 was the most excellent selling model of the company. In addition, the report recommends that 3 out of 4 smartphones were “Made in India.” Out of all the companies, Xiaomi was especially, underlined the most since it expanded to 22% from 6% in share of smartphone shipment, a growth hardly ever witnessed.

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