Issues With Wi-Fi Networks…Google Chromecast Users Report

Some of the Google Chromecast users have claimed that they are facing random crashes on their Wi-Fi networks. The problem is mainly reported existing in Google’s ‘Cast’ feature and is also affecting Google Home devices along with Chromecast.

Issues With Wi-Fi Networks...Google Chromecast Users Report

The TP-Link engineers have explained that the issue exists due to multicast DNS (MDNS) packets broadcast through Google Chromecast in a large amount, at a very high speed. This issue may cause some of the router’s primary features to shut down, which includes wireless connectivity as well. TP-Link, Linksys and Netgear have also simultaneously released beta firmware updates to end the network issue.

The latest network issue has a large impact, which includes randomly disabling network on all the devices that are connected to a wireless network, which powers their Chromecast. Chromecast Audio has also witnessed an identical effect.

Users on Google Product Forums initially came to the conclusion that the problem emerges particularly with a type of network which is powered by the Archer C7. A Google Products expert acknowledged the problem and stated that the company was looking into the issue. The expert has also asked the affected users to elaborate the issue in a feedback report along with all the necessary screenshots and logs.

To resolve the issue on a temporary basis, it is advisable to reboot the router, which is disabling the network on devices in order to release the memory. The Cast feature on your devices can also be disabled in order to help mitigate the issue.

Last month, some connectivity issues were reported with some Pixel 2 and Pixel users. The connectivity issues were reported with mesh routers. Google took charge of that flaw and confirmed a resolution. The problem was mainly involved with refraining of the hardware in order to establish a proper connectivity with a mesh router by bringing together frequent disconnects and spontaneously rebooting of the various access points.

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