Kaspersky Organizes Industrial Cyber Security Solutions

Last week Kaspersky Lab declared the deployment of KICS(Kaspersky’s Industrial CyberSecurity) solutions at SWaT (iTrust’s Secure Water Treatment) test bed and the SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design’s) Centre for Research in Cyber Security. The solution employed is targeted to back Kaspersky workers to deter and detect cyber assaults in real time and real world environments. Singapore’s initial test bed for water treatment in cyber security research, SWaT, is a joint project led by international consultants, scientists from SUTD, and stakeholders.

Kaspersky Organizes Industrial Cyber Security Solutions

It is controlled by iTrust, and plans to offer a real world atmosphere for designing methodologies and advanced tools to make sure the safety and security of future and current huge scale infrastructure in opposition to cyber assaults in Singapore. The test bed is a sophisticated and unique service that mimics the features of a water treatment network in a live arrangement. The test bed permits multi-disciplinary scientists to conduct live testing and simulations that will improve their perceptive of the weaknesses and strengths of existing and new defense devices aimed for the cyber security market.

SWaT will act as a valuable standard for scientists in all over the world including Singapore, who are aiming to design safe CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) for power generation, water treatment, and distribution as well as natural gas and oil refinement.

“Cyber threats to industrial backgrounds are basically different than conventional office threats when it comes to the scale of their potential injury, they can be devastating. We need to play a lively role in assisting lessen cyber attacks in this segment and eventually assist build a more safe infrastructure,” claimed Stephan Neumeier, MD at Kaspersky Lab for Asia Pacific, to the media in an interview. “We are happy to have market shareholders such as Kaspersky Lab,” claimed Ivan Lee, Deputy Director of iTrust at SUTD, to the media in an interview.

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