OnePlus 3, 3T Gets Face Unlock With Open Beta Version Of OxygenOS

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T have finally got the Face Unlock feature that had been long talked of since December. It is provided with the latest OxygenOS Open Beta builds that offers Airtel VoLTE in India. Besides the new releases for the 2016 models, OnePlus has released new Open Beta versions for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 3, 3T Gets Face Unlock With Open Beta Version Of OxygenOS

OnePlus has recently launched OxygenOS Open Beta 30 for OnePlus 3 and OxygenOS Open Beta 21 for OnePlus 3T. Both the new versions include the unique Face Unlock feature, which was initially designed for the OnePlus 5T. OnePlus’ Face detection will offer an experience, which is somewhat similar to Apple’s Face ID on the iPhone X.

OxygenOS Open Beta 30 and Open Beta 21 will also offer AirtelVoLTE support to OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. Airtel’s 4G VoLTE services have been designed to offer high-quality voice call experience. OxygenOS Open Beta versions are already provided with OnePlus Switch app to help in backup and restore. The latest Open Beta version also includes various bug fixes and optimization.

The new OxygenOS Open Beta versions have been provided with the Launcher version 2.3. The updated Launcher has new drawer categories that emerge on tapping the search icon. A dynamic Clock app icon is responsible for changing the hour, minute, and second hands on a real time basis, which is similar to what is available on Apple’s iOS and Xiaomi’s MIUI.

The new OxygenOS Open Beta versions have still been designed for testing purposes as they include some known issues as well as a lot of other hidden bugs.

The OxygenOS Open Beta version can be installed on your OnePlus device just by flashing the respective builds into the smartphone. In order to help you in installing the newer versions, OnePlus has provided its flashing guides.

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