Security Flaws Identified in Intel, ARM, AMD CPUs

Security flaws were discovered by a team of security researchers on the gadgets that contain chips from Intel, ARM holdings, and, AMD or Advanced Micro Devices. This flaw can easily allow the hackers to enter the system and sabotage the sensitive information present in it. This flaw is present in every modern device with the aforementioned chips.

Security Flaws Identified in Intel, ARM, AMD CPUs

One virus of the lot is specific to Intel and affects the laptops, smartphones, desktops, internet servers, and tablets in a similar manner. It was stated by Intel and ARM that the flaws in the chips are not due to the faulty designs. They further suggested that it can be fixed if the users download a patch and update the operating system.

As per Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, every gadget from PCs to smartphones is going to be affected but the degree will vary from product to product.

The two flaws were primarily discovered by the researchers of Alphabet’s Google Project Zero along with the academic and industry researchers from various countries.

The first is named as Meltdown that affects the Intel chips and easily allows the hackers to bypass the hardware barrier between applications run by the users and the memory of the computers. It will help them read the memory of the computer and steal the passwords.

The second flaw is termed as Spectre that affects the chips presented by the Intel, AMD, and ARM. This will allow the hackers to access the error-free applications that will disclose the secret information stored in it.

As per the researchers, the patch of the Meltdown flaw is available with Apple and Microsoft that will save the desktop computers from the hackers.

Google also disclosed that the latest versions of Android phones are protected from any kind of flaws along with the Nexus and Pixel phones.

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