Sinha Says Administration Has Over 7400 MHz Spectrum Accessible For Telecom Services

Manoj Sinha, the Communications Minister, has told the Lok Sabha that the administration has 7446 MHz of spectrum accessible for telecom services, above 80% of which is in 2 new spectrum bands recognized for mobile telephony.

Sinha Says Administration Has Over 7400 MHz Spectrum Accessible For Telecom Services

As much as 58.75 MHz is accessible in the 800 MHz spectrum, 770 MHz in 700 MHz spectrum, 15.6 MHz in 900 MHz spectrum, 275 MHz in 100 MHz spectrum, and 46.8 MHz in 1800 MHz spectrum, as per the details shared by the Minister.

For the telecom services, the administration has recognized 2 spectrum bands, 3400–3600 MHz and 3300–3400 MHz and spectrum of 6050 MHz is accessible only in 3300–3400 MHz bands. Nevertheless, the DoT is considering to sale 100 MHz in the spectrum band of 3300–3400 MHz and 175 MHz in the spectrum band 3425–3600 MHz.

Sinha said, “Already, the government has sought suggestions from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on the appropriate Reserve Price and associated concerns for sale of right to use of band over 3000 MHz (3400–3600 MHz and 3300–3400 MHz) in addition to frequency bands 2500 MHz, 2300 MHz, 2100 MHz, 1800 MHz 900 MHz, 800 MHz, and 700 MHz.”

Sinha, replying to a question on radiowaves use for 5G services, stated the 5G technology standardization is anticipated to be accomplished around 2020 following which, the frequency bands, which are auctioned already, can be used for its operation.

In 2016, the 2354.55 MHz spectrum was put up for auction by DoT across 7 bands at a worth of Rs 5.6 lakh crores. Of which, the proposals priced at Rs 65,789 Crores were obtained for the 964.8 MHz band. Earlier, the spectrum in 1800 MHz and 800MHz were utilized for 2G services; however, telecom operators are now offering 4G services with these frequencies. The radiowaves in 2100 and 900 MHz spectrum are being used for 3G and 2G services but steadily telecom operators are moving their services to 4G in these spectrums.

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