With This Smart Function, Chinese Handsets Are Winning The Race In Indian Market

In a time span of only 1 Year, a budget phone company of China took over the market of India by overtaking an easy hurdle. This hurdle is nothing but making the handset workable with oily fingers as well. Shenzhen-located Transsion Holdings, in 2017, rolled out Tecno mobiles that operate even with oily hands. This function single-handedly has converted them one of the leading 3 mobile phone sellers in India, claimed the SCMP (South China Morning Post) last week.

With This Smart Function, Chinese Handsets Are Winning The Race In Indian Market

The cell phone company of China, which costs almost US$10 and has physical keypads, has also turned out to be top mobile phone seller in Africa as well. Chinese companies think India as the most significant abroad handset markets and have rigid rivalry to top the market. Responding on their incredible development in the market of the country, vice-president of Transsion, Arif Chowdhury, claimed that success arrives only by meeting the requirements of the people and not by making fancy mottos.

“Big firms that trade handsets in over 100 nations are too international to care for one sole market. The main plan for us is to turn out to be the favorite brand of mobile phone in up-and-coming markets,” the SCMP mentioned Chowdhury as claiming to the media. He further claimed that prior to making an entry in the market, the firm invested more than 1 Year on examining the current brands and trying to understand the requirements of the market.

The firm has also updated its software for image sensor, especially in low light surrounding, considering the fact that the habit of people in India hanging out with buddies late at night. Aiming untapped rural sectors of the country, the firm also provides users a free replacement guarantee of 100 Days for any defective products to win trust from users living in the rural part of the country.

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